Tower Hamlets Council Bulky Waste Collection

The Tower Hamlets Council Bulky Waste Collection

Dealing with bulky waste can be a challenge for residents, but the Tower Hamlets Council has implemented an efficient and convenient process to address this issue. In this blog post, we will explore the details of the bulky waste collection service provided by the Tower Hamlets Council, including how to request a collection and report missed collections. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Bulky Waste Collection:

Bulky waste refers to large items such as furniture, appliances, and other household items that cannot be disposed of through regular waste collection.

Proper disposal of bulky waste is crucial to maintain a clean and sustainable environment.

Tower Hamlets Council’s Bulky Waste Collection Service:

The Tower Hamlets Council offers a reliable and user-friendly service to help residents dispose of their bulky waste responsibly.

The service includes two free collections per year for household waste from your own property.

Each collection allows for up to five items to be taken away.

The council requires residents to be living in the property at the time of booking and collection.

Requesting a Bulky Waste Collection:

To request a bulky waste collection, residents can visit the Tower Hamlets Council’s online service portal specifically designed for this purpose.]

The online form simplifies the process by providing auto-completion of contact information and a history of requests and accounts.

Residents need to ensure they have an account on the portal to access and submit the request form.

Preparing Bulky Waste for Collection

It is important to properly prepare your bulky waste items for collection to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

The following guidelines should be followed:

Place the items outside your home in an easily accessible location at the ground floor level.

Items should be neatly and safely stacked, and ready for collection by 7 a.m. on the designated collection date.

Kerbside properties should place items within the property’s boundary at ground level.

Blocks of flats require residents to bring items down to a suitable location on the ground floor for collection.

Reporting a Missed Bulky Waste Collection

In the rare event that a bulky waste collection is missed, residents can report it to the Tower Hamlets Council for prompt resolution.

The council has provided an online form specifically designed for reporting missed bulky waste collections. Residents can access the form and provide the necessary details to initiate the investigation process.

Hire CWC For a Hassle-Free Bulky Waste Collection

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The Tower Hamlets Council’s bulky waste collection service offers residents a convenient and reliable solution for disposing of large household items. By following the simple steps outlined in this blog post, residents can request collections and report any missed collections, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Remember, responsible disposal of bulky waste contributes to maintaining a clean and sustainable environment in Tower Hamlets. Let’s work together to keep our community clean and clutter-free!