Southwark London

Southwark: Top 10 Attractions to Explore

Southwark, a dynamic and historically rich borough in London, offers a blend of iconic landmarks, cultural treasures, and hidden gems. Whether you’re a history buff, art lover, or food enthusiast, Southwark has something to captivate every visitor. Here’s a guide to the top 10 attractions in this vibrant area:

The Shard

Marvel at panoramic views from Western Europe’s tallest building.


Borough Market

Indulge in gourmet foods and fresh produce at this famous market.


Tate Modern

Explore contemporary and modern art in this renowned gallery.


Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Experience the magic of Shakespearean drama.


The London Bridge Experience

Discover the historical and spooky secrets of London Bridge.


Southwark Cathedral

Admire the Gothic architecture and serene atmosphere.


HMS Belfast

Board this historic warship-turned-museum on the River Thames.


The Clink Prison Museum

Learn about London’s notorious medieval prison.


Bermondsey Street

Stroll down this trendy street lined with boutiques, galleries, and restaurants.

Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Walk beneath the Thames for a unique perspective of London.

Enhancing Southwark’s Environment

Exploring Southwark’s attractions is a joy, and maintaining its cleanliness contributes to everyone’s experience. Clapham Waste Clearance is here to support Southwark’s community and visitors alike, offering efficient rubbish removal services in Southwark to keep the borough pristine. Ensuring a clean and welcoming environment, we’re committed to helping Southwark shine.